Learner Case Study: Cameron Haigh

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Learner Case Study: Cameron Haigh

Hi my name is Cameron Haigh and I am a Personal Trainer at Colne Valley Leisure Centre in Huddersfield. I specialise in weight loss and toning using different kinds of functional exercises to help me achieve that.

My biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer so far is being approached by a professional Rugby League player Toby King.  He came to me at the beginning of pre-season and asked me to help him get fitter and stronger ready for the season ahead and for him to approach me and see that I have the knowledge to help him that is definitely one of my biggest achievements so far.

I first became interested in becoming a Personal Trainer when I went to University.  I went to University and I studied Sports Coaching.  Most people I met there were interested in becoming a PE teacher or coaching other sports teams but I soon realised I wanted to do more of the 1-1 style of training and actually took that step and dropped out of University to pursue my career as a Personal Trainer.

For me the best thig about being a Personal Trainer is being able to be able to share my passion with others.  I love being in the gym all day every day, talking about training, diet and things like that. So if I can go in the gym, show people new ways of training, get them a bit more excited about their training and get them to change their lives at the same time then that is such a massive thing for me.

I initially chose CMS Fitness Courses because they offered me an apprenticeship as a Fitness Instructor which got me into my first job at Lockwood Park.  I then went on to do many different things from Studio Cycling to Pre and Post Natal Exercise to Kettlebells. I learnt along the way how helpful everyone who works there was, you had a very good 1-1 relationship.  If you ever needed help they would be there for you and they were very professional at the same time so it really drove me to carry on with them.

So with CMS Fitness Courses you are not just sat in a classroom all day, you get chances to go down into the gym, use spin bikes, which makes it a lot more interesting when you are on the course and keeps you motivated and all the different people you meet along the way.

So my initial advice would be find out that they are qualified and that they are there to do their job. But it is for me making sure that the person is approachable for you.  People could know more than others but if you can find someone who you can build a really good rapport with your going to put a lot more motivation into your training and achieve much more in the process.

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