Personal Training: Exercises For The Core

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The video in today’s blog is relating to our previous article discussing the structure and purpose of the core. The exercises demonstrated show how a personal trainer or gym instructor can introduce core exercises to their clients workout and develop their trunk strength though the three planes- frontal, sagittal, and transverse.

Key teaching points throughout these exercises are:

  • Maintain ‘abdominal brace’- increase tension of the musculature surrounding the lumbar region of the vertebrae
  • Keep scapula’s retracted by contracting upper back muscles
  • Ensure a neutral spine is maintained throughout the exercises- paying particular attention to avoiding excessive flexion/extension of lumbar and thoracic regions of the vertebrae.
  • Try your best to breathe throughout the exercise- however, as exercise increases you will inevitably use the ‘Valsalva manoeuvre’ which we have discussed in our previous blog; Resistance training for hypertension

The fitness professional can then progress the exercises further in a number of ways such as by increasing leverage, decreasing stability and prolonging time under tension, but it is recommended that the focus is on technique and the quality of the movement.

Once mastered the next progression for a personal trainer or gym instructor would be to introduce unilateral and asymmetrical exercises into your client’s programme- which we will cover in a blog in the near future…watch this space!

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