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Who Can Use the Suspension Bands?

The Suspension Bands System is an effective piece of exercise equipment that can be used for both simple or complex challenging exercises and workouts.
It is great for individuals, groups, and circuit training as well. People of all fitness levels, all sizes, and all ages can use this piece of equipment, which is very easy to adjust, due to its versatility, it can be scaled up or down by manipulating the length of the suspension bands, or simply by changing the angle of your body position.

Why Suspension Bands?

The suspension bands itself is composed of two 6 or 7 foot extremely heavy-duty nylon strips with ergonomic grip handles straps at the end.
The benefits of suspension band training have been known for years by elite athletes and have been used in many fields including weight loss, power lifting, sprinting and martial arts. The secret to resistance band exercise is a simple one – the ability to do both – isolation and compound exercises, which is the best way to effectively train all muscles through different points of the strength curve.

Functional exercise as performed on the suspension bands can be used to rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries or disabilities, prevent injuries, promote health and fitness and enhance performance.
Unlike standard trainings, which allow the stress of a muscle group, the suspension bands allows the use of a larger number of muscle groups simultaneously as well as a larger spectrum of multi layering movements.

This Set of Resistance Bands Includes:

– Exercises Manual & DVD with over 200 different exercises and effective workouts routines.
– Door anchor attachment
– Pull up bars anchor attachment
– Additional Outdoor anchor strap – which allows you to wrap it around any object such as a sturdy tree, a park bench, park play equipment, a sturdy sign, etc.

Simply follow the exercises in this guide, and the workout examples in the DVD. And you will begin to see results and feel better in only a few weeks. You will flatten your tummy while simultaneously developing strength and definition in the hips and thighs.

Link to Ready Set Go video with recommended exercises